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Som Berthiot lenses were produced in Dijon manufactory and not in Paris. The company name has changed in Sopelem and now the Dijon manufactory is closed. Here we introduce to you the little 50mm brother from Cinor serie lenses which are made for cine cameras. Som Berthiot Cinor lenses are famous for typical french cine style. The 50mm are the rarest focale and here this is the little brother made for 8mm format in d mount or for ercsam cameras.


This little Berthiot Cinor 50mm f/2.8 is very cute and perfect for micro 4/3 users (panasonic Lumix GH5, Black magic …). Price lower than Berthiot Cinor 50mm f/2 in c mount and same qualities !!!

Price : ++

Beauty : 9/10

Rarity : 9/10

Use : 8/10

Size / weight : 9/10

Sharpness : 7/10

Contrast : 7/10

Bokeh : 9/10

Grade = 8.3/10

Som Berthiot is a french  famous factory of cine and photograhic lenses. Here we introduce to you a super fast Som Berthiot Cinor 25mm f/1.1. This is a very rare version made for Bolex H16 RX cameras.

Tiny C mount lens, perfect for 4/3 cameras. Bokeh is typical from Berthiot Cinor and Sopelem / Taylor Hobson Monital. Colors are great and the lens could be extremely sharp whan stop down to f/2.8. Wide open it is sharp but with smooth feeling. For French cine lenses lovers !!!