Angenieux APO 180mm f/2.3 is one the bests old 180 mm lenses. Very compact and lightweight with beautiful massive front glass. My copy is unique !!! I’ve bought this lens to a collector next to Angenieux factoryat Saint Héand in France. This lens made in 1985 is in nikkor AIS mount and has no name on body. The serial number is : 1516758. There is a scratch on the glass inside the lens but not ont front glass. Now i’m sure this lens has been refused at Angenieux factory because of this defect. Despite that, this lens works really great and scratch is not visible on photos. So my copy is really special and in new conditions with front cap.

Price : ++++

Beauty : 7/10

Rarity : 8/10

Use : 9/10

Size / weight : 9/10

Sharpness : 9/10

Contrast : 8/10

Bokeh : 9/10

Grade = 8.4/10

The Angenieux APO 180mm f2.3 is an extraordinary lens ! Maybe the best old 180 mm lens. Very good sharpness at f/2.3 with really creamy bokeh. Mounted on my Nikon d810, this is a pleasure tu use !!! A lens to have …