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We are happy to introduce to you Benoist Berthiot lenses which are some of bests old french lenses. The production of the company is essentialy for professionales projectors and rarer for cameras. Here this is one of the lastest and best serie production called « Benoist Berthiot XL MC 35 », made for super 35mm projection. These lenses are mulitcoated, fast and fully cover Full Frame.

Here this is a very rare 35mm f/2.8. My copy is in good external condition but has a strong fungus on internal front element. This Benoist Berthiot XL MC 35mm f/2.8 is sharp with smooth bokeh and typical B. Berthiot colors rendition.

Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 :

This Zeiss lens is an awesome lens !!! My copy of Distagon 35mm f/1.4 is near mint condition. This is a massive and solid lens. The particularity of this Zeiss, is his diaphragme with only 3 blades. It forms a triangle aperture with very original triangle bokeh.

Price : +++

Beauty : 9/10

Rarity : 8/10

Use : 8/10

Size / weight : 6/10

Sharpness : 10/10

Contrast : 9/10

Bokeh : 7/10

Grade = 8.1/10


The Angenieux Type R1 35mm f/2.5 :

This lens is a very beautiful lens like any others Angenieux retrofocus lenses. My copy is in very good conditions, serial number is : 437051, made in 1956. This is a compact lens but heavy and solid.

Price : +++

Beauty : 10/10

Rarity : 8/10

Use : 7/10

Size / weight : 8/10

Sharpness : 7/10

Contrast : 6/10

Bokeh : 8/10

Grade = 7.7/10

All photos were shot at f/2.5 on Nikon d810 without post accentuation. The sharpness is good at f2.5 with great slightly swirly bokeh.

The Nikkor AIS 35mm f/1.4 is my old favorite Nikkor lens. Just Awesome bubble bokeh ! Sharpness is just correct at f/1.4, good at f/2 then excellent … As ever with Nikkor lenses, colours are colder than others. This lens is researched and his price is high. My copy is in very conditions with originals caps.

Price : ++

Beauty : 8/10

Rarity : 7/10

Use : 8/10

Size / weight : 8/10

Sharpness : 7/10

Contrast : 7/10

Bokeh : 10/10

Grade = 7.9/10

All photo were shot on nikkor d810 without post accentuation. Nikkor AIS 35mm f1.4, bokeh master :