Every lenses collector know Kinoptik, a famous french factory. But here in France, no photographer know it … Kinoptik is still producing lenses for army applications or special request. Apochromat lens series are famous for sharpness and very typical french bokeh. Here this is the desirable Kinoptik Apochromat 100mm f/2 in a Cameflex 35mm mount. My copy was used in french army during 1950’s. This version has a beautiful blue coating and iris blades are also blue.



Very typical french bokeh and great sharpness wide open. Excellent colors rendition.



Price : +++

Beauty : 9/10

Rarity : 9/10

Use : 9/10

Size / weight : 9/10

Sharpness : 8/10

Contrast : 7/10

Bokeh : 10/10

Grade = 8.7/10