The Helios 58mm f/2 type 44-2 is an URSS famous copy of the zess biometar by zeiss. This lens is famous with his swirly bokeh. There many differets versions of the Helios 58mm f/2 but the most renowned is the 44-2 version. This version is considered to have the best swirly bokeh. Low sharpness at f/2 and a little better at f/4 but this is not the first quality of this lens. Last reason to get this lens : his low price.

Price : +

Beauty : 5/10

Rarity : 4/10

Use : 8/10

Size / weight : 8/10

Sharpness : 5/10

Contrast : 7/10

Bokeh : 10/10

Grade = 6.7/10