SOM Berthiot Cinor 75mm f/2.5


SOM Berthiot Cinor 25mm f/1.1


Sopelem Monital 25mm f/0.95


SOM Berthiot Cinor 50mm f/2.8


Som Berthiot 550mm f/4.5

Som Berthiot 550mm f/4.5 is a very large format lens. I don’t know for what is used but this is a very beautiful lens.

Berthiot Anastigmat serie TPH n°2 350mm

This Som Berthiot is a very rare large format lens. Very good conditions but i can’t test it.

Rank Taylor Hobson SOPELEM (Berthiot) 50mm f/0.95

Sopelem (Som Berthiot) 50mm f/0.95 is one of the most researched lenses. This is heavy, strong, beautiful and very rare. Som Berthiot has made the same lens for Taylor Hobson...