Boyer Paris … Famous french factory lenses. Here we introduce to you a Boyer Paris Saphir 50mm f/3.5 in « X » version. Boyer Saphir lenses are very popular for lenses collectors. Saphir lenses in f/3.5 are not rare but here this is the last and best version called « X » written in green. Better correction, coating, sharper and rarer than others versions. Tiny and easy to use with a M39 helicoid adapter.


Boyer Paris Saphir 50mm f/3.5 « X » version is incredibly sharp wide open with a surprisingly bokeh for f/3.5 lens. I use it on Sony A7S with a m39 helicoid adapter. Colors rendition is excellent with a great saturation of blue.



Price : +

Beauty : 7/10

Rarity : 8/10

Use : 9/10

Size / weight : 9/10

Sharpness : 10/10

Contrast : 8/10

Bokeh : 7/10

Grade = 8.3/10