The Angenieux type s21 50mm f1.5 is considered like one of the best old lens ever made and one of the most researched. This is the first vintage lens 50mm with a great aperture.  My lens serial number is : 656923, made in 1959.

All photos were shot at f1.5 with no post accentuation. The reputation of the angenieux 50mm f1.5 is justified, sharpness is really great for an old lens. Bokeh is awesome, slightly swirly. Low contrasts at f1.5 but it gives an « old style » with great colors.

Price : ++++

Beauty : 10/10

Rarity : 9/10

Use : 8/10

Size / weight : 8/10

Sharpness : 8/10

Contrast : 7/10

Bokeh : 10/10

Grade = 8.6/10