Here this is the real dream lens … Angénieux Type M1 50mm f/0.95 made for c mount cameras. C mount can be unscrewed and rear glass cover FF at 98%. Angénieux Type M1 50/0.95 is really a dream lens, bokeh very smooth wide open and quite sharp. This lens is rare and extremely researched by collectors or film makers.

Crazy smooth bokeh and great sharpness. This version was made for black and white use but it has a great colors rendition. The Angénieux Type M2 50/0.95 is an upgrade version of Type M1 made for scientific use with best correction but extremely rare.

Price : +++

Beauty : 9/10

Rarity : 9/10

Use : 8/10

Size / weight : 8/10

Sharpness : 8/10

Contrast : 8/10

Bokeh : 10/10

Grade = 8.6/10