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Welcome on French Lenses !


This web site is a vintage lenses listing with somes of the bests old lenses. You’ll find also many tests of old lenses on new cameras. Somes lenses are for sale, for details please contact us on dedicated page. Enjoy !


New tests

SOM Berthiot Cinor 75mm f/2.5


SOM Berthiot Cinor 25mm f/1.1


Sopelem Monital 25mm f/0.95


SOM Berthiot Cinor 50mm f/2.8


Zeiss Flektogon 35mm f/2.4

Olympus 35mm f/2

Olympus 85mm f/2

Angénieux 180mm f/2.3 DEM APO


Angénieux Alfitar 90mm f/2.5 for Alpa cameras

The Legendary Angénieux company has produced some lenses for Alpa rangefinder and reflex cameras. Here, we introduce to you the Angénieux Alfitar 90mm f/2.5   As usual, this Angenieux Alfitar...

Jupiter 9 – 85mm f/2 M42

The Jupiter 9  – 85mm f/2 is a soviet lens well built. This lens is researched for a great bokeh, well let’s try it : Very good built, strong but...